Beach Wear

Beach wear, otherwise known as vacation wear or coastal wear represents exactly what it sounds like.

This style is particularly laid back and encompasses a lot of flowy fabrics that are lighter tones in color. Sandy sea shore tans with sea worthy shades of blue and tie dyes.

Beach wear is exactly what you would put on to stroll the sandy shores barefoot or with your favorite pair of bright colored sandals. Pieces that also work as a cover up or bring in sun protection. Items would include dusters, rompers, white pants, and open back tops to name a few. Anything that can easily go over a bathing suite for sitting poolside and getting your tan on.

Don’t be fooled by the name of this fashion style, coastal wear can be worn all year round whether you are on vacation or not. This type of clothing best suits the woman who is laid back and simply enjoyed going with the flow.

At Key West Express Boutique we do our best to find the best in beach wear without breaking the bank. Affordable vacation wear that can take you to the beach and back is also a consideration with what we bring in.