Closet Staples

The Must Needed Basics That Should Be In Your Closet

In order to create your fashion style, we need basics. Having 'Closet Staples' will start you out on the right foot. 
Are you ready to eliminate that feeling you get when you look into your closet just to find nothing? Dressing should not be difficult and the little secret that will jumpstart your daily fashion all comes down to: The Basics. 

What Are The Basics?

The Basics are the items in your closet that fall under both or either of these categories: 
1. A layering piece
2. A piece of clothing that can easily be worn for almost any occasion, that fits you well, and you own more than one color of. 
An example of a staple closet basic that is a layering piece is a cami. Otherwise known as camisole, tank top, base layer etc. 
Closet Staple. Closet Basic
Womens Fashion Basics
A cami should be one of your "go-to" pieces because they great for layering. They smooth out your blouse or top that you wear over it. It can also add a pop of color to a v-neck top that you may put over it. Lastly, cami's are great for zipping everything in and keeping it all in once place, if you know what I mean. This is one of the reasons why we continue to buy these Lace Corset Camisoles
Not only do I personally own a few of these camisoles, but I love the fact that they are Corset style. They stay exactly where you put them when you have it on and they come in a huge color pallet. They also come in either a full length or a cropped. The cropped is great for shorter tops or warmer weather when you don't want to layer a full length cami underneath a t-shirt. 

Basic Pant or Bottom Piece

Jeans aren't always the best fit for every occasion. They also aren't always the best fit in general. That is why for our Closet Staple for your Bottom we suggest the Cropped J Pant. This pant is nothing other than the definition of a Closet Staple. If you don't own one of these pairs of pants then what are you doing!? Go ahead and join the rest of us and order them in all the colors. Because once you own one of these suckers - you WILL want one in every color. 
You may be asking, why is the Cropped J Pant the best pant to own as a staple piece? First off, it fits most women stupendously and it happens to be a great length. A great length for the warmer weather days as well as the cooler days.
We won't disagree that there are many pants out there that are just as well made that would pass as a basic bottom. These pants just happen to be tried and true by myself and many many of my dearly wonderful happy customers. 
We hope this helped give you some ideas of what you can do to make your closet your dream closet. So go ahead and get Key West Express.
XOXO, Soozy 
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