Boho Fashion

Boho fashion otherwise known as boho chic or simply boho…

This style is particularly colorful, layered and laid back. It encompasses flowy fabrics that are almost like pieces of art.

Boho style clothing doesn’t have to be for the old school or new school hippie. At Key West Express Boutique we find a perfect balance between chic and hippie, as well as young and experienced. If you are looking for bohemian clothing for older women…we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to the clothing we enjoy boho dresses that are flowy and layered as well as colorful. As well as boho style shoes that range from flat sandals to wedge heels. Items include tunics, chic blouses, jeweled sandals and embroidered tops and tanks.

Along with bohemian clothing we carry boho chic decor. Light colored floral prints on ceramics and throw pillows that will brighten up any room.