15 Jul, 2019

Packing can sometimes be quite the ordeal. That is why we have gathered together “Soozys Top Tips For Packing” to show you how you can get the most out of your suitcase. 

This is a two part series, if you haven’t checked out the first part on how to pack your clothing then go to it now.

How To Pack Accessories

What You Need

Before we start putting everything in the suitcase we want to have all of our accessories ready. In order to keep things organized, you will need:

~ Shoe bags – this is to keep your dirty shoes separate from your clothes
~ Small canvas bags – you can use these for SO many things including storing chargers, loose accessories, jewelry, makeup that you want readily accessible and so much more. These are very useful!
~A laundry bag for dirty clothes
~Gallon zip lock bags – an absolute must! Great for loose items, dirty or wet clothes, you can plan out outfits and store them in these bags…you will always find a reason for a gallon zip lock bag!
~Oxi Clean spot treatment – also a must have!


 Soozys Scret: Use shoe bags

Place heels in their own shoe bag and put sandals or flip flops in another. You can sometimes fit more than one pair of sandals into one bag. This is great because it keeps your shoes protected and your clothes clean. 

Bags / Fanny Packs / Belt Bags

Soozys Secret: Keep stuffing inside to keep shape.

Make sure to put your bag into another bag that will keep it nice and protected from getting scratched or stained or even wet. 

Hats / Scarves

Soozys Secret: Keep your hat mold! 

With the hat on top of your mold, stuff your scarves or loose shirts inside. If you don’t have a hat mold then just use the scarves or shirts to keep your hats shape. 

Packing It All Into The Suitcase

Start with your stuffed hat since you can work around it, place it flat on the bottom of the suitcase. Put in your belt bags then pack your rolled clothing items around it to keep it all in place. Add the rest of your clothing as well as little canvas bags and such. And you are good to go!

Utilize pockets and compartments in the suitcase for toiletries & oxy clean. 

Soozys Secret: Use gallon zip lock bags for pre-planning outfits, just fold items and place in baggies and label them. This is perfect for trips stopping at multiple locations like a cruise. You will have all of your previously planned out outfits ready to go straight from the baggie.

You will find that taking the extra time to go through this process will eleviate the headache of packing. This also allows you to keep your garments safe and looking the best they possibly can. 

We hope this will be helpful for you and your next trip! We would love to see any pictures or comments of how this packing method worked for you.

Check our Part 1 of this series where we will show you how to pack your clothing items. 

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