If we have to wear them, we may as well look cute.

Our first shipment of face masks are in, see the video below to know how they work, what they look like and what makes them the best.

Make a statement and show off your personality with these masks. All of the masks come with a replaceable filter that lasts up to 40 hours. They are also adjustable around the ears to get that perfect fit.

A few of them also come with nose pinchers that are adjustable allowing you to mold to the shape of your face. This also prevents any steaming up of your glasses, like this tie dye mask with rhinestones.

With the adjustable ties you can tie them behind the head.

Show off your personality!

With these masks you can have fun showing off what you enjoy, like Quarantini’s and “Keep Calm and Drink Margaritas.”

The lining of these masks are thick enough to keep you safe but not too heavy and unbreathable. There is a side opening that allows you to slip in the 100% cotton, thin, replaceable filters. The filters should not be washed, but you can easily remove the filter before placing the mask into the wash.

How To Wash Masks

  1. Remove filter
  2. Place mask in mesh laundry bag
  3. Throw it in the wash
  4. Hang dry

That’s it! Enjoy your masks, you are going to absolutely fabulous.