Resort Wear

Resort wear, otherwise known as vacation wear or cruise wear, combines function and high end style.

This combination brings together a sophisticated look that is always in style. Think maxi dresses, wide legs pants, wide brim sun hats, designer sunglasses, and cork wedge heels. All made with lightweight fabric including cotton and linen. Tones generally are printed fabrics with fun and flirty colors as well as natural earth tones.

Don’t be fooled by the name of this fashion style, resort wear can be worn all year round whether you are on vacation or not. This type of clothing best suits the woman who values quality product and fabrics. She’s been around the block a few times and has learned the untimely lesson that high end clothing lasts. If taken care of, it will outlast almost anything in your closet and look fabulous doing it.

At Key West Express Boutique we do our best to find the best in resort style without compromising the bank. Affordable vacation wear that can take you to the beach and back is also a consideration with what we bring in.