25 Jun, 2019

Scarves can sometimes be difficult to work with. In this session of “Scarves by Soozy” we will show you exactly how to tie your scarf for your next holiday.

3 different scarves tied 3 different ways. 

Cotton/Cashmere Scarf

This style of scarf is typically best worn in colder climates. It can be a bit bulky and will do its job in keeping you nice and warm.  How to Tie:

Step 1: Find the middle of the scarf and fold over itself

Step 2: With the loop in one hand and both ends in the other hand, place behind your head

Step 3: Bring loop and both ends to the front and insert both ends into the loop, creating a wrap around your neck. 

Step 4: Fix your hair and you are good to go!

Large Square Scarf

This style of scarf is great because it is packable and doesn’t take up too much space. Although there is a lot of fabric to it, when laid out it is actually a very fine lightweight fabric. 

Now, that can seem a little intimidating because it is a lot of scarf to wrap around your neck. But we have the best way to do it that is simple and keeps it out of your way while keeping you nice and warm.  How To Tie:

PRO TIP: Make sure to turn in all rings to prevent snagging!

Step 1: Twist scarf until it is nice and small

Step 2: With both ends in hand, put them behind your neck so that the loop is in front of your neck

Step 3: Tie the ends on top of one another behind your head and bring the two ends back to the front of your body

Step 4: Voilà! 

Cashmere & Silk Scarf

This style scarf is great for every other season of the year. It is a very fine silky fabric. Nice and light making a great accessory to add a pop of colour to your outfit. 

Pop this scarf around a plain dress or top for enjoying a day walking around town or on a cruise. Just a beautiful accessory that you will no doubt get a bunch of compliments on.  How To Tie:

Step 1: Grab the corner

Step 2: Twist to make smaller

Step 3: Take both ends in each hand and place behind your back

Step 4: Tie both ends on top of one another and bring them back to the front of your body

Step 5: Adjust the loop in the front of your neck to your comfort

Step 6: Pull the long side through the front loop. Brining it from bottom to top. 

Step 7: Then tie both ends together

Step 8: Adjust 

PRO TIP: Tie this scarf perfectly one time, then once you are ready to take it off, carefully slide the loop off from around your neck. Put the whole scarf in a zip lock baggie or tie the loop with a bow tie and next time it will be ready to just slip over your head. No tying necessary.

For a visual watch this video here:

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