Step into any summer fun in style. All of the sandals in our collection provide comfort for all day wear and complete any outfit!

Why do we carry Oka-b? I’m glad you asked! This women led company knows what it takes to make the perfect sandal! Their unique footwear products are created based on the belief that good health starts from the foot up. Their shoes are made locally to reduce any environmental impact. They are built to last and some of their most loved features include arch support, slip resistance and are easy to clean.

This Turtle In The Sea Foam Flip Flop will add some turtle love to your toes with the beautiful sea turtle charms. Easy to clean and comfortable, this flip flop will bring a little vacation to your feet. Supported arch in the foot bed that makes these a great option to slip on and walk out the rest of your day.

Keeping trendy comfy. The Shelly style pairs a carefully designed shell and turquoise pendant with a supportive foot bed. The breezy adjustable straps allow for a custom fit.

These Nautical Knot sandals are perfect for strolling along the coast. Compliment your toes with the comfortable rope that creates a beautiful design along your foot.